Website Design and Hosting from less than £1.50 per day 

Thanks for visiting us and for taking your first steps to getting your small to medium sized business online.

We will custom build your website for as little as £39 plus VAT per month and for that you will get a bespoke responsive design, a Content Management System allowing you to create and edit content for your website, a free domain name (if you don't already have one), 12 months inclusive hosting and inclusion into our fantastic referral scheme.


When we first agree to work together we'll ask you to complete a short website design brief which will allow us to capture things like the colours you like and other websites in your industry that you like the design of.

Following on from that we'll provide you with a set of interactive mock-ups (like the one below) so that you can see how your website will look.  We'll only pass the design brief and mock-ups across to our designer once you're happy with them as this allows us to keep the development costs down, allowing us to provide this service at a very competitive price.

Image shows a mock-up of the website home page

Domain Name Management

If you don't already have a domain name registered for your business then we will register one, on your behalf, and in your name, for a period of 12 months at no extra cost.  At the end of the 12 month period you will then have the option of including the management of your domain name within your annual support and maintenance contract, or handling it yourself.


Each of our packages comes complete with 12 month's UK based hosting and includes a monthly offsite backup of your website and database.  Full details of our hosting plan will be provided when you sign up with us and, of course, if you require more than our standard package offers then please let us know.


With all our packages we will provide you with a copy of the official Umbraco user guide which explains everything you need to know about the Content Management System.  We'll also provide you with a supplementary user guide for any bespoke parts that we've built for you, and you'll also be provided with a username and password for our support website where you'll be able to log support requests.

Why we use a Support System

We're always looking to improve our service so using a support system allows us to keep track of the type of issues being raised, allowing us to improve on areas where the most common may arise.  Using a support system also allows us to keep track of any support issues raised ensuring they are all dealt with in a timely and efficient fashion and not lost in an Inbox or on a post-it note.

So how does the Support system work?

Well, it's pretty straightforward.  When you raise a support ticket it will go straight into our system and will then be assigned to the best placed member of our team.  If it's a design issue it'll go over to our designer, and if it's a website issue it'll go over to a developer.  You will then be able to interact with that team member through the support system until your issue is resolved.

Referral Scheme

Okay, so this is the really cool part and something we're quite excited to offer.  You will receive a 10% discount off your annual support and maintenance contract (after your initial 12 months) for every successful referral you make who stays with us past the initial 12 month period for the time they remain a client of ours.

This seems like I'm getting a lot.  How can you do this so cheap?

Well, we remember what it was like to be starting out.  The uncertainty of sales, the overheads of office space, staffing and marketing can be a real headache and the last thing many start-ups need is to be hit with a £x thousand bill for their website.

If you're just starting out in business you probably don't need a huge monolithic website, but rather something that tells people who you are, what you offer, how you can be contacted, and is (most importantly) flexible enough to be built on as your empire expands.

We're in this for the long haul with you and want to be part of your business success story so rather than go down the build it yourself route why not give us a try and get your website online for less than the price of your daily Americano?

Check out our packages page for lots more information on what we offer and, when you're ready, get in touch, we'll be delighted to hear from you.